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Gas Filling

An AC helps you stay cool in extreme hot and humid conditions and gives you a good reason to stay indoors. At times, your AC may develop problems and will urgently need some assistance to function smoothly. With the help of RR Cooling Point Air Conditioner repair services, you can be assured that we’ll provide you the best services. Our AC repairing services will solve all minor and major problems of your AC. Our AC service is there to serve you anytime, anywhere, so just relax.

Onida AC Service Center in Lucknow

RR Cooling Point expert in all brands AC repair, servicing, maintenance, Onida AC repair service, Onida AC Installation work in Lucknow. Our qualified technician service all onida home and commercial AC repair in Lucknow with 100% guaranteed. Onida AC service center in Lucknow, Onida AC gas refilling in Lucknow, Onida AC gas filling in Lucknow, Onida split AC compressor replace Lucknow, Onida best AC shop Lucknow, Onida AC repair in Lucknow, AC repair in Lucknow.

Same day Onida AC repair in Lucknow

My AC does not seem to be cooling room?

Our technicians will come to your home, correctly diagnose the AC problem, and provide you the best service out there in the industry. All of our technicians are trained and highly qualified to service repair, maintenance all type & model of onida AC,

AC is not cooling
  1. Self-cleaning of the AC’s filter
  2. AC may be running on low gas
  3. ODU Fan is not running
What We Do for AC Repair
  1. Connect you with over 1,000 service specialists
  2. Call before we arrive
  3. Give you a ac repair estimate before we begin work
  4. Fix it right the first time
  5. Guarantee our work


AC Installation

If you are building a new home or upgrading to a new more efficient heating and cooling system for your office or home, RR Cooling Point offers systems that have the capacity, efficiency and price that will fulfill your needs. We will assist you in chossing the perfect AC for your home. After all, practically nothing is more important than your comfort and the quality of Air that you want.

  • Standard Installation
  • Genuine Material Used

AC Repair

We offer residential air conditioning repair, as well as commercial and industrial HVAC repair. In the summer months,If your air conditioner break can be an absolute nightmare. your current home comfort system our skilled technicians have to know-how to diagnose, adjust or repair your system so that you are comfortable all year long.

  • Genuine Gas Used
  • Genuine Spare Used

AC Manteinance

it is a good idea to have checked your system Before the cooling or heating seasons by one of Your maintenance experts. as your system continues to run Small problems can become bigger problems. RR Cooling Point offer preventative maintenance and service agreements..

  • Ordinary Contract
  • Comprehensive Contract

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Power saving tips

  • Turn off electrical / heat producing equipments when not in use.
  • Check and clean the Air conditioner filter.
  • Keep the doors and windows closed, while using the Air conditioner.
  • Clean the condenser/evaporator coils.
  • If the roof is not exposed to direct sun rays.

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